About ME

Julia Kristen Martinez

I love rituals. Morning coffee on the porch rituals. Gathering with friends to laugh deep into the night rituals. Rituals to celebrate milestones, to grieve, to welcome new life. Years ago, when I was planning my own wedding, I was relieved and excited to discover that my partner and I were not bound by any of the parts of a traditional wedding ritual that didn’t feel like “us.” It was so liberating and rewarding to customize our whole experience and ceremony and create a ritual all our own, one that honored our core beliefs, our community, our way of life and our love.

Our wedding made a big impact on our community, and it was then I realized I wanted to share that depth of intentionality and creativity with others, and help bring all sorts of rituals to life. Infusing the secular with the sacred brings me great joy and a sense of connection, and it is a way for me to practice my values: inclusivity, building community and collective healing.

For many people, traditional rituals have often felt excluding, confining, even alienating. I see my work as a ritualist as an opportunity to call people in, to help them feel seen, loved and appreciated….and to remind them they are worthy of the recognition and full-hearted support we all deserve as we make our way through the valleys and peaks of this life.

I believe that when we dare to leave behind restrictive traditions that don’t serve a loving, caring and inclusive vision of how we can live and relate to one another, we create space to both heal and flourish. When we create new traditions that honor who we are, what we find valuable, and how we define “success” in our own lives, we build thriving communities that invite, inspire, and lift up others who want to live fully, joyfully embracing who they are and what they dream for their futures. 


To me, this is sacred, and worthy of celebration. This is what Your Modern Ritual is all about.


As a writer I am drawn to expression, communication and the ways language can be used to make lasting and meaningful imprints on our lives. As an anthropologist, I am deeply appreciative of human intimacy–I love exploring how we form and nurture bonds that enrich and define our lives. As a spiritual person, I have profound reverence for the everyday magic that stirs when people who love each other gather with a common purpose: to witness, honor and celebrate life’s most precious and mystical moments together.